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Our Partners

"Beit Yossi, in its untiring and important activity, represents the same values ​​which Strauss believes in and promotes, of giving, responsibility and the advancement of diverse populations from all socioeconomic strata. We are proud to be part of the Beit Yossi ..."(Daniella Prosci-Shion, Head of Strauss Elite Corporate Responsibility Department)

"Beit Yossi is an amazing facility which implements a unique treatment model that provides a way to stop the deterioration (of the families), while providing a real opportunity for long-term family recovery. The examples (families) which I have been exposed to impressed upon me to set up a monthly donation and harness the KCS Company to participate in this endeavor.Beit Yossi is a moving example of volunteerism and donation of space and time in a unique way, just as my friend Major Yossi Ohana acted his entire life..."(Yitzhak Zaft, KCS)


"We are extremely fortunate for the great privilege we received to take part in the blessed activity of Beit Yossi, a home whose base is rehabilitating and reanimating the broken world of children and families who are in situations of hardship and risk. We chose to partner with Beit Yossi since we believe that a warm home is the basis for life, and the great opportunities that Beit Yossi gives children and families for growth and a better life, are truly a case of "Whoever saves one soul from Israel, is as if they saved an entire world..."(Yediot Information Technologies Ltd., March 2012)


"Allied is proud to take part in the remedial and empowering framework which allows ​​families to return and function fully, Hip, Hip Hooray! [Yeshar Coach!] "(Yigal Schreiber, CEO, Allied Group)

"The kids at Beit Yossi are charming and return a lot of warmth and love. The feeling is that the employees enjoy simply giving more to the children. And they would like to give more. The activities of employees and volunteers are welcome and necessary for the continued existence of this institution, which is so important to those attending Beit Yossi, both parents and children.Such activity causes Ashdod branch employees in district 'A' great satisfaction.Thank you! "(Ziva, Bank Hapoalim, Ashdod branch)


"(We are) proud to undertake this important project that provides a warm therapeutic home for children and their families whose daily routine is a dark reality, and happy to take part in contributing towards a better future" (Avi Ben-Tal, CEO, ynet)


Lion of Judah Israel

Beit Yossi, David Yalin 3, Ashdod. Telefax 08.8531165 / 052.7202133 / 052.6080884
The organization in memory of Captain Yossi Ohana, z"l – (by post) 56/5 Rogozin Road, Ashdod, 77440 ISRAEL
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